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I come with a GaaLeeSaku/LeeGaaSaku/SakuGaaLee or whatever you want to call it drabble

Title:  Comfort Zones
Warnings: No porn, language, or drug use, so it's pretty much baby-safe if you're so inclined.
Disclaimer:  I don't own Naruto, or any of the characters. 

    Lee squirmed.  The arm draped across his waist tightened.  He stilled.  He stayed still for all of thirty seconds.

    Then he squirmed again.

    This time Gaara growled at him, and that was enough incentive for him to immediately freeze.  Gaara relaxed.


    Lee just barely angled his body away –

    Gaara’s eyes snapped open, lips peeling back to reveal bared teeth.  Lee blinked rapidly.  Gaara stared at him.

    “...what are you doing?”  Gaara whisper-hissed.

    “Gaara-kun, it’s hot.”


    “I can’t sleep.  It’s hot.”


    Sakura had apparently decided to join their conversation – wait, no, she was still asleep, just shifting to curl more securely against Gaara’s back.  Gaara twisted his neck with spectacular grace to look at her, then turned back to Lee, who had meanwhile already begun his stealthy retreat.  “Where are you going?”

    “If it’s all right, I will sleep in the living room tonight.”  Ah, Gaara still didn’t look happy.  “...keep Sakura-chan warm for me?”

    That seemed to do it.  Gaara still looked reluctant, but he settled down on the mattress, watching him alertly.  Lee carefully slipped off the bed, trying his best not to disturb anyone.  He saw Gaara turn and envelope Sakura in his long arms instead before he left the room.  He smiled widely.

    The house itself was blissfully cool, and Lee sighed.  He crept (out of the bedroom he might be, but the fact remained that he was in a house full of ninja, and Sakura was still asleep) to the living room.  The couch would do nicely; he had slept on worse.

    He was almost, almost, asleep when Sakura came padding into the room and unceremoniously dumped herself onto the floor in front of him, expression bleary. 


    “Gaara kept cuddling me, and it’s too hot for that,” she informed him, resting her back against the couch front.  “He said you’d come out here.”

    Lee was already raising himself onto his elbows.  “Here, Sakura-chan, you sleep on the couch.”

    “Don’t bother,” she yawned.  “I’m fine where I am.”

    “No, really  – ”

    She tilted her head back to look at him, eyes half-lidded and hair mussed and ah!socute.  “I’m fine, Lee.”

    He surrendered to her (not that he’d had much resistance to start with) and shifted around until he was comfortable.  Sakura leaned her head against his thigh.  (He knew he wouldn’t be moving it for the rest of the night.)  They fell silent, drifting on the very edges of sleep.

    It wasn’t long before Gaara silently joined them, settling down beside Sakura without a word.  Probably he got cold.


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