FAR EVILER (bhanesidhe) wrote in naruto_ot3,

[Fanart/Fanfic] Naruto - 2bShinobi Chapter05 - The Circle Offense

TITLE: "What it Means to be Shinobi" Chapter Five - The Circle Offensive
RATING: [R] Mature [as a whole fic will carry this rating regardless of how tame certain chapters are.]
SUMMARY: TIME-JUMP based, AU Art/Fic. narutoXsakuraXsasuke
WARNING: Spoilers for everything before Naruto Episode 135 [Chapter 238]. Bastardizer of everything after.
DISCLAIMER: Kishimoto-sensei, Shonen Magazine and all sorts of people at VIZ own Naruto and the premises therein. This is a work of fan-created fiction intended solely for amusement. No infringements intended.
AUTHOR NOTES:Alright, that looks to be it for a while. Chapter Six is giving me brain explodies. That, this fever I can't get rid of, this oppressive heatwave, plus the general wibbles over writing angry sex. . . well, it could be a while. Not "Two Years" sort of 'a while' but I can't say how soon either. Reviews are always encouraging but questions help to! They really do 'cuz they get me to be more direct in my narrative. There are clues 'like whoa, so many' in these few chapters already that it sets a good groundwork for where the story will go, and your feedback gets it there. So thank you ♥

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