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Drabble: What Keeps You Awake? [NaruSasuSaku] [500words]

Title: What keeps you awake at night?
Author: mindfcuk
Contact: oresama at random-wish dot net
Archive: Pe.e TV
Rating: PG
Category: Technically AU XD More like character study-ish

Warnings: Not exactly a spoiler. To the newest chapter (not that I've read that far yet) also THREESOME! (Yes, Team 7 together in exactly that way)
Disclaimer: NOT MINE! NOT MINE! Kishimoto sensei's
Author Notes: Unbetaed. I like NaruSasuSaku together. :D For naruto_500's Challenge #3 - Insomnia - Crossposted there (I checked the userinfo, seems like most of us here are not in that comm, hence the crossposting. Heh)

What keeps you awake at night?

Sasuke and Naruto
Naruto and Sakura
Sakura and Sasuke


Moans, gasps, the shift of blankets across bare legs and arms and the wind whispering in the night.

She is an only child, and it takes a while for her to sleep comfortably with the extra pairs of arms and legs around her. The slide of bare feet and bodies that keep her warm at night, the hair that tickles her nose and the soft noises of sleep that they make. She falls asleep almost immediately when she slides between them, warm and comforted within their arms.

The summer night sky is full of stars that she counts until the sun breaks the canvas they paint. She focuses on the moon when her eyes are tired from looking towards the gates and up the long, dark road.

He doesn't like beds, preferring futons because he thinks that it's cooler nearer to the ground and it hurts less to fall off futons than beds. He likes the feeling of her breasts besides him, soft and silky, rising with each breath she takes, the finger on his neck massaging him, relaxing him until his eyes close. He falls asleep listening to their breathing, the melody familiar and safe.

He doesn't go too far away, the Anbu guards will not let him. It amuses him because he knows the Anbu worries what he is thinking of when he sits there motionless for hours, staring at the gates of Konoha and the road that leads away from the village. Or towards. He knows it's just a matter of perception.

He loves the feeling of skin on skin, and has the habit of not wearing anything when he goes to bed. It is, after all, warm with two others in the same bed. He sighs and buries his nose in her neck, loving her scent, smelling himself on her and his hand reaches out to brush his fingers on his neck, flitting over the part where the curse sign is, wanting to protect, wanting to comfort.

He counts his scars on his body. New ones because scars fade on him quickly, unless the wounds are big and then they will take a while to disappear. He still remembers where he has been hurt, where he bled, invisible scars that will never leave him. He looks out at the gate and prays that he won't find new ones when the sun comes up.

They like sitting on their roof when the stars are out and the moon hangs high in the sky, bathing everything in a soft light. Their bodies are languid and their fears momentarily laid to rest. They watch the lights slowly go off, one by one, with their fingers entwine and their breaths quiet, mixing with the night sounds of the village.

He has never contemplated the idea of leaving them.

She will follow them until they start following her.

He leaves only to return to them.

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