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my fandom comes in threes

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This community is intended for fans of threesomes for the manga and anime Naruto. Purpose: the posting of fanfic, fanart, discussion, and whatever else you feel like in regards to that.

*The Rules:*
Pretty simple here. Just label any really serious spoilers and tell us if it's not school or work safe. So anything spoiler-full or hentai needs to be ID'd, basically. Otherwise, all ratings and all groupings are acceptable- so, for example, you can do SasuSakuNaru or TsuOroJirai if you'd like. Not all members have to be from the same cell, of course.

* Yaoi and yuri are okay.
* Het is okay.
* Anything from NC-17 to G is okay ratings-wise.
* Shota and loli are okay (since with canon, after all, any pairings among the rookies count as such).

Everything else aside, pretty much anything goes. Thus, no flaming each other and everything should be fine. ^_^