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[Fanart/Fanfic] Naruto - 2bShinobi Chapter04 - Following Leads

TITLE: "What it Means to be Shinobi" Chapter Four - Following Leads
RATING: [R] Mature [as a whole fic will carry this rating regardless of how tame certain chapters are.]
SUMMARY: After a three year lapse, the surviving members of cell seven rediscover if they know what it means to be Shinobi. TIME-JUMP based, AU Art/Fic. narutoXsakuraXsasuke
WARNING: Spoilers for everything before Naruto Episode 135 [Chapter 238]. Bastardizer of everything after.
DISCLAIMER: Kishimoto-sensei, Shonen Magazine and all sorts of people at VIZ own Naruto and the premises therein. This is a work of fan-created fiction intended solely for amusement. No infringements intended.
AUTHOR NOTES:DOUBLE-WARNING(Specifically for Chapter Four) : Contains supernaturally stimulated sadomasochism and auto-erotic asphyxiation. No kidding. Consider yourself warned. Now venture forth brave souls. If I survived writing, I imagine it should be easier on you to read it... but only marginally so.

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